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The Jacobson Firm. P.C. offers industry leading esports and video-game legal and business services to individuals and companies. The Esports Law and Professional Gaming legal division at The Jacobson Firm, P.C. works with professional gamers, streamers, content creators, esports coaches and analysts, on-air talent and casters, esports teams and organizations, esports event and tournament organizers, major and indie game publishers and developers, as well as gaming peripherals and other brands and companies working in the space. The Esports Law and Professional Gaming legal division handles all legal and business matters including copyrights, trademarks, immigration and visa matters, business formations, tax planning, litigation, and all contract drafting and negotiations. This includes professional player agreement, esports coach contracts, tournament and event licensing agreements, in addition to sponsorship and appearance agreements.

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What is Esports?

Esports is the world of competitive gaming, including those on a P.C., a console, or a mobile device. Esports encompasses professional gaming where individuals or teams of individuals compete against each other in a particular game title for prizes. The global competitive esports scene has evolved greatly over its history (and will continue to) but the legal and business matters related to the chief participants are important and deserve expert attention. Learn more about the esports business landscape here in Esports 101.

What is Esports Law?

Esports Law is a new legal field related to professional gaming talent and companies working in the professional video-gaming space. Similar to sports and music law, esports law encompasses a variety of legal fields with these attorneys providing services to individuals and brands operating in the competitive gaming world. More information on “What Esports Law is” can be found here.

What is an Esports Lawyer?

An esports lawyer is a licensed attorney working in the esports and professional video-gaming space. They can provide many unique benefits to a person’s short-term and long-term career development and success. At The Jacobson Firm, P.C., we have extensive experience as esports lawyers who work with professional gamers, streamers, coaches and teams in a variety of top gaming titles. An esports lawyer works with companies and individual talent who work in the esports business world and assist them with their legal needs. More information on “What an Esports Lawyer is” can be found here and on The Esports Observer. Additional information on where an independent representative “fits” can also be found on Esports Insider.

How and Why Protect a Gamer-Tag?

A “gamer-tag” or a gamer’s “nick-name” is a particular valuable asset that every gaming talent must be aware of. Similar to an artist or band name, a professional gamer or streamer’s “gamer-tag” or “in-game name” is a crucial part of their public identity, their brand and their business. Therefore, to best protect this asset, an individual should look investigate trademark protection in the countries that the gamer operates in. Many of the world’s largest professional gamers, content creators and streamers have already applied for protection in their gamer-tag in the United States and abroad. More information on “What Makes A Gamer-Tag Valuable” is available on The Esports Observer.

How and Why protect an Esports Team Name?

An esports team or organization’s name is a significant asset for any operating esports business. In fact, a team’s name is one of the most recognizable identifiers of them and is used on the team’s social media, website, jerseys and merchandise. This is why many of the major esports organizations across the world have begun to protect their team name. Some have even acquired protection their unique team logo. More information on “Protecting an Esports Team/Org Name” is available on The Esports Observer.

Why a Professional Gamer, Streamer or Team may form a business entity?

Similar to other entertainment and sports areas, the creation of a business entity such as corporation or limited liability company (LLC) will provide unique benefits for a professional gamer, streamer or esports team. The existence of a business entity can assist the owner with claiming certain tax benefits and other asset protections that may be unavailable without an established entity. It is essential that any individual or business involved in esports and professional gaming industry is aware of their tax obligations on any income that they earn, including tournament winnings, streaming revenues and sponsorship as well as product gifting. More information on some of the benefits of a business entity can be found here and on Esports Insider. A deeper look at esports and tax matters can be found here and on Esports Insider.

Esports Player and Coach Work Authorization & Visas

Any non-U.S. citizen attempting to earn a wage in the U.S., whether with a player salary or tournament or event winnings, must obtain proper work authorization. This could include a visa or other work permit from the government to enable them to work and earn income in the United States. The details and requirements for an applicable visa are different for every individual and company, so it is prudent to timely investigate and plan for any upcoming visa or immigration needs. More information on visas for professional gamers on can be found here.

Esports and Professional Gaming Sponsorships & Endorsements

Esports sponsorship, endorsements and personal appearances are an important part of the business. This includes professional gamers, streamers and content creators entering into endorsements, personal appearances as well as brand ambassador and partner deals with companies. There are also esports teams and organizations negotiating sponsorship and brand partnership deals with companies and brands in the space. Finally, many esports event, league and tournament organizers are receiving paid sponsorships and sponsorship “in kind” opportunities with both endemic and non-endemic brands looking to activate in the space. In these cases, it is essential to have the proper documentation in place.

Esports Team Organizations & Investments

The growing esports and professional video-gaming world has caused many individuals and companies to start being involved in this business. This includes many new third-party investments from prominent celebrities, athletes, musicians and media moguls in addition to venture capitalist firms, private equity firms and other investment vehicles. In these cases, it is prudent to have proper consultation and advice, including competent representation.

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